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Ayame Store
Location Japan
Langage Japanese
Others English (paid translation service)
Shipping International (EMS)
Pricing 101.800 JPY (~930USD)
Paymethod Paypal
Sizing Semi-custom
Wait 4-5 Months

Ayame Store is a mask maker in Japan



Ayame Store masks are made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic. The removable padding is dense but soft, held on by velcro.

This video also demonstrates the durability and ease of care for an Ayame Store mask.

Mask Features

  • 100% FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic)
  • Custom-supplied wig using high quality, heat-resistant, synthetic fibers
  • Eyes and hair can be customized. Each can be colored differently.
  • 30 styles of eyes to choose from
  • Hair Styles can also involve the complex following
    • Forehead: Spiky bangs
    • Front scalp: Triple Knot Braid Crown
    • Temple region: None
    • Whole hairstyle: Long
    • Upper back of the head: Bigtail
    • Lower back of the head: Strong sauvage
  • Size Clearance:
    • For men under 185cm in height and less than 80kg in weight
    • Head Circumference may be up to 62cm
    • Height of Nose (distance from base of nose to the top of nose ridge) may be up to 9cm


Ayame Store does offer hadatai. More will be added on this shortly