Dimension Breaker

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Dimension Breaker
Also known as ANT / Lok'narash
Location China
Orders Open
Langage Chinese
Others English, Unknown
Shipping International
Pricing 3000 CNY (~$500USD)
Paymethod Paypal & Taobao (Paypal fees cost extra)
Sizing Custom
Wait 15-25+ days (Currently has VPN issues)

Dimension Breaker is a mask maker from China. They are frequently seen in the Kigurumi Shame Zone Discord when their VPN is working.



Dimension Breaker masks are made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic. They feature padding in the mask and relatively large clasps to hold hair in place. The masks are also full enclosures that are worn a bit different from regular masks. You first put the back of the mask on, then pull the front of the hinged mask down before clamping it shut. Worn more like an open face motorcycle helmet than a normal mask.

Mask Features

Dimension Breaker features the following

  • Standard
    • Full enclosures, not 3/4 like most
    • Clamps to keep the mask sealed on your head
    • Follow-me resin lens eyes
      • Eye lenses can match your glasses prescription
    • Breathing tubes
    • Various padding inside
  • Extra
    • Various locks
    • Various accessories


Currently Dimension Breaker outsources hadatai to another maker they know. Specifics are not known about this, but quality is very good. When ordered accordingly, their hadatai can also support way larger breast forms than AyameStore or MyWayFetish.