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Also known as GKO
Location Taiwan
Orders Closed
Langage Chinese
Others English (Translator), Japanese
Shipping International
Pricing $800USD Generic, $1200USD+ Semi-custom
Paymethod Paypal
Sizing Small - Large
Wait 9-12+ months

GouKaOu Studio is a mask and hadatai maker from Taiwan. They are notable for their quality and price, and heavy proliferation of the kigurumi community.



GouKaOu masks are made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic. They pride themselves on using high quality fiberglass and resin. GKO masks also weigh approximately 40% less than "other studios'" masks. This is helpful for reducing user fatigue. Wigs are generally sewn into the mask, but are offered as removable for an extra fee should the user wish to wash or change the wig for another character. GKO masks do not use plastic lenses which may sometimes fog up during use depending on the user.


  • The masks are basically waterproof, except for the eyes, although Goukaou has recently started tests on waterproof eyes. Additional steps can be taken to further waterproof the mask, if the customer desires.


GouKaOu offers hadatai through their website as well. Regular soft zentai are sourced from MyWayFetish and Super Thick zentai (made with either 1mm or 3mm material) are avalable to order at any time. Additionally they have a number of special types which are only available as recurring, limited-time offers, such as

  • latex
  • BJD style
  • mummy and bitchsuit style (3mm)

For availability of special types, it is advised to follow their Twitter account for announcements.