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Kigurumi Animegao (shortened to "Kigu" or "Kig") is the practice of wearing a mask and a bodysuit to look like an anime-style character. It's a form of cosplay, and it can portray existing characters from media, or original creations.


Kig can be thought of as an analogue to fursuits, except with anime instead of animals. Alternatively, it's similar to mascot costumes on a smaller scale. It depends heavily on the performer, and their character, and how they choose to go about their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, is that a guy?

Probably. You can be whatever gender you like and kig, but the general demographic skews towards male - how you deal with that is entirely up to you.

Why dress up like an anime girl?

Because it's fun! In much the same way anyone would dress up or play a character, everyone has their own reasons. Some love their character and want to embody them, some love dressing up and being beautiful, some are into it for kinky fun, and some are a mixture of these and more.

Also, not all of them are anime girls. There's anime guys too!

How do they see?

There's typically holes cut in the mask, near the eyes or eyebrows.

How do they have boobs/hips/a butt?

Underneath the skinsuit (called a "Hadatai") you can wear various kinds of garments designed to emphasise or reduce parts of your body. For example, a male could wear silicone boobs, a corset/waist trainer and hip pads to achieve the desired hourglass figure beneath their suit.

How much does it cost?

For a complete set it can vary wildly between $300 at the lowest possible end, to $3000+ if you go for very high-quality masks, suits, padding and costumes. Like cosplay, some things can be home-made or improvised, for example carving hip pads out of foam instead of purchasing them pre-made.

Where can I find this stuff?

[insert links to the maker's list, a where-to-buy page for hada and shapewear and clothes would be nice too]


  • the stuff involved (mask, hadatai, shapewear, outfits)
  • links to specific pages about all of these if/when they are available
  • communities for kigs around the net